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Ocular Surface Medical Treatments

At the Ocular Surface Center, Dr. Tseng has obtained a special license from State of Florida to compound the following medications to augment the therapeutic effects of treating complex and difficult ocular surface diseases. Dr. Tseng can prescribe and compound these medications ONLY to the patient seen by him.

Special Topical Medications

  • Autologous Serum Drops
    For more information, click to download the PDF file.
    For Stevens Johnson Syndrome (TEN), the severe dryness, irritation and squamous metaplasia can be helped by this medication [See Fig. 19]
  • Non-preserved Steroid Drops
    For complex and inflammatory ocular surface diseases, especially those with Delayed Tear Clearance [See Fig. 32], non-preserved methylprednisolone or dexamethasone eye drops help break the vicious cycle prior created and improve patient's comfort [See Fig. 33, Fig.34 and Fig. 35]
  • Lipid Lubricant Ointment
    When lipid tear deficiency dry eye is diagnosed by Kinetic Analysis of Tear Interference Images, such shown in this patient suffering from Stevens Johnson syndrome (TENS), application of Lipid Lubricant Ointment results in comfort and improvement of the lipid film in tears [See Fig. 36].
  • Retinoic Acid Ointment
    When there is focal keratinization on the lid margin or the bulbar conjunctiva, application of 0.01% retinoic acid ointment is useful.
  • Mitomycin Drops
    Topical 0.04% mitomycin eye drops are useful to treat different forms of conjunctival and corneal neoplasms
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