Dr. Tseng serves as Medical Director of Ocular Surface Center, providing state-of-the-art Clinical Services to patients suffering from a variety of ocular surface diseases.

Ocular Surface Center

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  • Established in Miami in January 2002 as a subspecialty eye center to take care of patients suffering annoying or difficult ocular surface diseases.
  • Equipped with a variety of new Diagnostic Tests to sort out the complexity of ocular surface diseases.
  • Provide the newest Medical Treatments to alleviate patient's annoying eye irritation.
  • Delivery the newest and most effective Surgeries to help restore patient's eye surface and vision.
  • Ocular Surface Center adopt the HIPPA regulation (click here to view it)
Office Location: Patient Appointment and Consultation:

Ocular Surface Center, P.A.
7000 SW 97th Ave| Map This
Suite 213
Miami, FL 33173, USA

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(305) 274-1299
(305) 274-1297
(305) 803-6925

Ocular Surface Diseases
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  • The eye (ocular) surface includes the tissue bordered by upper and lower lids, and is covered by a thin layer of tear film, which helps maintain the ocular surface health.
  • The ocular surface health controls our clear vision, comfort and guards against infection.
  • Patients with ocular surface diseases suffer from loss of vision, discomfort, infection, erosion, ulceration, and destruction with scarring of the eye surface.
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Ocular Surface Tests - Click here to learn more about each test Ocular Surface Surgeries - Click here to learn more of each new surgeries
For more information:

Please visit the Ocular Surface Research and Education Foundation (OSREF)’s website for latest medical education materials.


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